Removing wallpaper from a wall is one of the most cumbersome and expensive tasks that can arise in home decoration and maintenance. First of all, check what type of wallpaper we are talking about and how long it has been installed.

You don’t have to go to these extravagances: with a little help and advice, there happens not to be any need to try all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful methods to get rid of old wall coverings; in fact, it can be quite a relaxed undertaking.

Symbols Providing Information As To The Correct Wallpaper Removal Method

The specifications for each wallpaper on our website provide you with information as to its later removal. The characteristics are also illustrated by symbols on the wallpaper’s label, which you can check once you have bought and received the paper.

Wallpapers That Can Be Removed Without Soaking, Leaving No Hints (Strippable)

This defines that you will be able to pull every single length of wallpaper off the wall in one piece, leaving no hints behind, with not having to roughen or soak /score it first. This is perceptibly the easiest technique, but it will work only if the proper wallpapering paste happened to be used initially. 

Just make use of the “pulling test” to control whether the wallpaper can be removed with not soaking or leaving hints: Grab the corners of the length and start pulling. 

If the entire length detaches from the wall (or as a minimum large pieces), removing use to be as informal as pie.

Wallpapers That Require Being Soaked Beforehand Removing (Wet Removable)

It is the normal technique for several types of wallpaper. The backing and the decorative layer both have to be thoroughly soaked, with the intention of the wallpaper paste use to soften on the wall. 

You might then make use of a spatula for removing the wallpaper. In the event that the decorative layer happens to be washable or waterproof, it requires to be coarsened or scored first, with the intention of the liquid might get penetrated. 

Once more, make use of the tested and tried “pulling test” for checking how you need to progressed.

Wallpapers With 2 Layers Which Can Be Separated And Removed Without Soaking (Peel Able)

Wallpapers which use to be labelled consequently contain of an ornamental upper layer (e.g. vinyl) that can be detached with not soaking in whole lengths or big pieces. The carrier material remains on the wall. You can directly wallpaper onto this enduring layer, as long as it happens to be complete, undamaged and effortlessly adheres to the surface. If that is not the case, you will need to remove the carrier material from the wall. 

To do this, soak it in water mixed with washing-up liquid and then remove it with your spatula. The trustworthy pulling test will disclose what kind of material you use to be dealing with. Grab a corner of the length of wallpaper and pull it off the wall in a diagonal course (i.e. to the middle length). The upper layer must distinct from the carrier substantial.


Our wallpaper removal “proficient” makes use of somewhat weighty artillery for stripping old wallpaper. Rulling on by his facial expression, he is at the end of his tether. And there use to be this lovely new wallpaper just waiting to decorate the walls! It also needs a great deal of patience! Plus it will cost you more in time and tools to do it yourself so might as call the Amarillo Drywall Contractors to come and knock it out so we can get to the interior painting as well as remodeling.